Please read very carefully before you start:

In connection with our service “Full Application Package” we have received an order for preparation of  extended document package. The documents will be ready within two business days according to the service regulation as your employer/recruiter had already paid for the service.

Please click on the button “NEXT” below. If the button isn’t active it means that your documents are still under construction.

When the button “NEXT” becomes active please see very carefully the pages with your documents (you should click on “NEXT” to go to each next page).

At this stage the documents contain only your personal data as all of the necessary data about your employer hasn’t still arrived. The data about your employer will be entered as soon as you confirm that your personal data entered in the documents are correct and you finally fill in the form.

We have attached a short form on the last page, immediately after the last document. Please describe in that form the inaccuracies/mistakes you have eventually discovered. Please note that the filling of that form is absolutely regular – we won’t be able to keep going without your confirmation.

Your Full Application Package will be completely ready (along with the employer’s data) up to 2 business days. Your Full Application Package will be printed on excellent paper and prints of all your personal documents, which you have already sent (or you will send) will be attached to it. Will suitably shaped as a business package.  After that the documents must arrive at the employer’s company in Europe, as soon as possible.

For your convenience, we offer an option for you to use the courier company that our agency usually uses – thus you will benefit from our corporate discount at the courier and also valuable time will be saved: the deadline for submission of the documents to the employer’s company will certainly be met.

In view of the number of pages in your Full Application Package, the price for the courier company would be 25 euros, incl. discount. You could also pay to our company, via online or Western Union ( click here to provide the courier service to the employer’s company) as the courier company doesn’t accept payments via Western Union. When the documents are ready we will pay to the courier company on your behalf and we will send you an email with the delivery/tracking number along with a copy of the completed documents.

To start viewing your documents please click on the button below. Then keep click “NEXT” to go to every next page:



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