Be our affiliated partner – Earn your own money!

Where to start?

At 25 Euro – MINIMUM per day!


What we offer you?


  • Work and earn from home. Clients contact you by phone (e.g. via Viber using free calls and messages) or computer (e.g. for free via Skype or e-mail). Therefore, it is not necessary to invest anything in order to become our affiliated partner apart from your own time and your motivation to be in our team of affiliated partners in X countries around the globe.

Note: we do not need or ask for your money! Just bring us your excellent people and communication skills and earn your money while building your own clients base.


  • We arrange free initial training. A manager will be continuously available to you, offering a full-time help and support throughout your day-to-day work and communication with clients (you will contact your manager via Skype).


  • Having a personal web page is not required in order to work for us.


  • The majority of clients will be your fellow citizens consequently, the communication will be predominantly in your native language.


  • Via an affiliated software, you will have a 24/7 access to your digital account, thus, we give you a transparent look into your earnings at any time; per each of your clients.


  • Additionally, we are prepared to give you an opportunity for a direct control of the money you generate (earn per client) while working in our company.g. we consent to give you the right to manage the fees-for-services we offer to clients. Consequently, you will be allowed to draw your own money (fee) per client on the spot! – Without our meddling. However, this will be possible only if you decide fees-for-services to be transferred to your name – on your account (e.g. via Wester Union).



What services we offer?


  1. We give pro bono consulting services to clients of recruiting agencies operating in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. We do not charge for providing these services.


The pro bono consulting services are:


  • We provide clients with detailed list of required documents for job applications;
  • We offer professional advice on how to prepare a job application and to gather all required/necessary documents (e.g. when applying for vacancies within the EU member countries, it is advisable to follow the standard form of Curriculum Vitae – EUROPASS, as adopted by the European Commission &c.);


  • We fill out work permit application form on behalf of the candidate/client – this is available only to those who send their official candidacy for work permit (initial document package) via Courier Company.


  • We assist in choosing and using a Courier Company.


  1. We offer pro bono consulting help and support to people who want to work and immigrate in foreign lands.


The pro bono consulting help and support covers:


  • Phone consultation and directing the prospective candidates for work permit to the company web site and the existing online resource base and advice (to inform them via available, professional, relevant, and up to date digital content).


  1. Apart from the pro bono services, we offer paid services as well, which are focused on helping clients – candidates for work permit and license in the process of applying and obtaining of required work and residence documents.


The paid consulting services cover:


  • Preparation of full document package for initial job candidacy – in sync with the country’s standards and job requirements.
  • Preparation of full document package and consultation regarding the official procedures for issuing work license and permit, residence permit and registration, opening of a bank account &c.
  • Services for extending of work permit and licences*.
  • Services for bringing members of family and legalisation of their status in the country.
  • Preparation of full document package, including a business plan for a self-employed person when in need for visa and residence permit.


*For the countries in which work licence is required, we readily agree and aim towards working hand-in-hand with licensed local agencies in order to ease the process and offer best possible service to our clients.


  1. Our Affiliated partners (so called, „Sales Representative“) earn 20% of each client/customer of our services. They have the liberty to use affiliated programmes and to be partners of the Courier Companies we work with. In addition, they refer the courier services to our clients.


  1. Each of our affiliated partner (AP) is obligated to:


  • To ensure that he is available to offer help and support to our clients for a minimum of 5 hours per day (via phone, Viber, Skype or e-mail).
  • To offer services to our clients in accord with the instructions given by the company – meaning, to give information, answer questions, direct clients to company’s web site, accept documents on his/hers e-mail and to resend them to the company’s Document Preparation Department.
  • To receive services’ requests from clients. If the AP agrees to a direct transactions (from clients) on his account, he’s obligated to subsequently transfer the sum (minus his 20% fee) on the company’s account, at the beginning of each week. Otherwise, when clients pay fees-per-services, directly to our company’s account, the 20% of each client/transaction earned by the AP will be transferred to his account every other month.
  • AP is obligated to ensure free local advertising – minimum one ad per day in a local online
  • AP is obligated to report about his activities on weekly basis as well as ad hoc – upon request.


If you wish to work for us as an affiliated partner, please, click NEXT and fill out the form. We will contact you on the next day! Please, send your CV to: sr@app-documents.com





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